Covid19 Update

What we are doing here for your safety

We are a small self-contained shop. We clean and disinfect daily. Most of our goods were sewn here in Boston months ago before this all began so they are fine. Everything is bagged in plastic first, then boxed up and labeled for postage in our office/studio and then put in the PO bin for delivery. We only use cardboard or paper Jiffy packs (Germs can't survive for long on cardboard/paper). When you receive our box, leave it outside or in a hallway for 24 hrs. Then bring only the contents inside. This rule is actually for All packages you have delivered. 

Updated Return Policy

We have decided for everyones health and safety to temporarily change our Shipping and Return Policy to ALL SALES FINAL. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. That way we can control the flow of items to go one way and not back and forth. Just to be safe. Eventually we will return to our liberal policy again. We apologize but feel it is the right decision. 

What you can do

Wash your hands often! Stay 6 feet away from anyone. Cover your mouth with your elbow when coughing. Keep bottles of Hand sanitizer everywhere. Use it! Leave boxes (including ones from us) outside or in a hallway for 24 hours. Bring only the contents inside. Most importantly-keep mind and body active and news to a minimum for anxiety sake. And stay in contact with people via any platform that works for you.   Be safe! Jeff and John